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Aspiring morning person scurrying around nyc. Dedicated to silly and serious things.


Topics: AI UX metaphors, gesture, casual games, what makes a good question?, interfaces & intimacy

Top of Mind:
'Is this a pigeon' meme: anime still of a person regards a butterfly labelled 'any process' and asks, 'is this a technology?'


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With thanks to Wesley Aptekar-Cassels, whose HTML + CSS list filtering demo helped me lay this website’s foundation, as well as Low-tech Magazine, HTML Energy, and more* for their influence.

Coded from scratch. The images on this website have been dithered to avoid lagginess. For higher resolution photos, please email me.


I've learned from so many folks. In no particular order, some loose webs of people I'd like to acknowledge:

Friends and neighbors: Kehuan, Misha, Sarah, Jina, Nico, Omar, Katherine, Marc, Jonathan, Kim, Shannon, Andrew, Ange, Daniel, Jon, daniela, Karl, Jake, Trudy, Charlotte, Holly, C, R

Thank you: Fruitful School & CSS, Julian Glander, Julio Torres, Mikki Janower, Lauren Fox, Other Internet, Are.na, Andrew Thomas Huang, Space Type, Moniker, Schultzschultz, Rian Phin

and some communities: Good Start, MSRN, CARI, Boston Tech Poetics, DNR, Lightshine Chamber

a piece of newsprint, screenprinted with graphics (stretched text and  comics) in black ink, on a concrete floor.

Maintenance / Unyielding (2023)

Assorted screenprinting explorations.

a piece of newsprint, screenprinted with graphics (stretched text and  comics) in black ink, on a concrete floor.

ACM WUSTL Apparel (2023)

Jackets and shirts for ACM WashU exec team.

a person holding a thick, narrow book, examining the back cover. the cover is in vibrant purple and beige hues, depicting an abstract texture.

Are.na Annual (2023)

A collection of essays, interviews, and artwork from the Are.na community.

a book with a white cover on a reflective metallic tabletop in front of some shop windows. in the foreground is the hand of a stranger passing by.

Remake (2022)

An annual journal celebrating first-year work from Washington University in St. Louis.

cropped view of a graphic with nested images of a person, with fanciful doodles and writing in white all over.

Songs for a Summer Stroll (2022)

Playlist cover for A24’s “Songs for a Summer Stroll”, promoting the film MEN. With RegretsOnly.

sheets of clear plastic shaped like smartphones, with a hole punched in the margin to the left, displayed against a concrete background. other sheets of plastic are placed across a wooden board.

Some texts on the iPhone (2022)

An art book containing various writings about and imagery of the iPhone to explore the device’s role in contemporary American society as status symbol, erotic object, spectacle of lightness, and luxury destroyed.

screengrabbed view of a red and yellow-white website with moving text on the left. to the right, a video of a person's hand holding a phone and tilting it around, against a black background.

Fresh Not Frozen (2022)

A small mobile site that delivers bite-size factoids about the American TV dinner, perfectly portioned for distracted reading.

Olive green and white collage of various chumbox advertisement thumbnails: images of people, skin, and runny eggs.

Feelings at the Edge: A Chumbox Tour (2022)

An essay about sketchy internet chumbox ads. For Coven Berlin.

Olive green and white close-up screenshot of an essay, with an image of a Greek sculpture overlaid atop a paragraph and a graphic designer poster mockup.

The Mockup Aesthetic: Gestures of Transgression (2022)

An interactive essay about the politics of wheatpaste mockups. For FLAT.

two blocks of wood next to a set of densely textured posters, against a black background.

Ouija Board Seance (2021)

A crowdsourced poster that plays with the gesture of obscuring and revealing information. A collaboration with Betsy Ellison.

screengrabbed view of a cursor moving around a light-gray website, with the title 'BASIC SPACE' in bold black outlines. the cursor alternates between bubbling dots of blue, red, purple, and green.

Basic Space (2021)

Assets for a speculative festival, Basic Space, that explores the potential of abstracting meme formats.

abstract composition of various distorted rectangles and shapes, each of which shifts color swiftly.

Refringo (2021)

An interactive modular alphabet that explores chance relationships between part and whole.

open spread of text in a newspaper, with imagery shaded red in some areas. the background is a black void.

Nostalgia Loop (2021)

A broadsheet housing two articles about the role of nostalgia in global and American politics. Influenced by the comfort of vintage food graphics, this newspaper considers how complacency can be dangerous.

open spreads of a zine, printed with wojacks and dense text, boxed in to form various compositions. the background is a black void.

Meme Engine Sampler (2021)

Abstracting meme formats via a custom-made Drawbot program. A collaboration with Nathan Springman.

open spread of an essay, typset in a green font with cut areas of the page revealing the textures of surrounding pages. the background is a black void.

This book you are holding is a junkyard (2020)

An adaptation of an essay about computer glitches and malware.

a grid of glyphs, some flickering and changing symbols. as the cursor passes over certain glyphs, a black rectangle appears, containing white text.

memory garden (2020)

A digital zen garden: collecting worldwide memories submitted anonymously on the little memory app; exploring ASCII art and the metaphor of memories as blossoming flowers.

variously sized rectangles of varying opacities floating on a blue-orange gradient background.

A Window For Two (2020)

A program exploring the poetics of screenshots; watch digital sunsets with your computer.