a blob rotating 360 degrees.

last: June 28 eve

recent topics
advertising, mass/pop aesthetics, cringe and embarrassment. ideology and fashion. informational visuals and diagrams, comics and meme formats, templates and mass generated media. casual and freemium mobile games. technology as accessory, nostalgia in tech use. perspective, touch and gesture, design software defaults. media both harsh and soft.
a font, an adaptation, a toy
“for later”
decentralized finance; cartography and using a compass; herbs and botany; body science, anatomy; indigenous tech; leatherwork;

low stakes woodworking; anticipating noise; Chaos
back of mind
  • mockups as still life composition/graphic design and documentation *
  • media and pop culture
  • interface metaphors
  • what i’d like to write about / am writing next
  • * mockup as still life, perspective and power
  • — connect channel walkthrough intro
  • public personae
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