Leslie Liu is an aspiring morning person and designer. Currently in Boston, she works primarily across print and creative coding, with additional interests in creative technology, user research, and new media. Seeking full-time and freelance opportunities. / Resume / Email / LinkedIn / Colophon

I am interested in experiences that are magical, stuff that helps us reconsider intimacy and connection, as well as overlooked or ignored spaces online, in books, and beyond. Dedicated to silly and serious things. Freshly graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, I’m now broadly based along the American East Coast.

I enjoy making friendly and generative tools, books, and programs and wading the handmade web. Recent topics that are important to me include mass/pop aesthetics, cringe and embarrassment online, and media both harsh and soft. I would like to become part of the background; always down for a chat or to collaborate.

Thank you for looking at my work.

Online elsewhere: Are.na / Instagram

Fresh Not Frozen A small mobile site that delivers bite-size factoids about the American TV dinner, perfectly portioned for distracted reading. 2022
Ouija Board Seance A crowdsourced poster that plays with the gesture of obscuring and revealing information. A collaboration with Betsy Ellison. 2021
This book you are holding is a junkyard An adaptation of Jussi Parikka’s essay, “Malware as Operational Art: On the If/Then of Geopolitics and Tricksters,” from Het Nieuwe Instituut’s 2019 exhibition, Malware: Symptoms of Viral Infection. 2020
Basic Space Assets for a speculative festival, Basic Space, that explores the potential of abstracting meme formats. Hover states on the microsite reveal not only the skeleton of the title’s letterforms, but also additional information about the festival. 2021
Are.na Annual Editorial design with Daniel Pianetti for the 2022 Are.na Annual, a collection of essays, interviews, and artwork from the Are.na community. 2022
Refringo An interactive modular alphabet that explores chance relationships between part and whole. 2021
Remake Editorial design for REMAKE, an annual journal celebrating first-year work. Dedicated to changing the top-down hierarchy of creative and academic content, REMAKE showcases student work ranging from art and research to creative writing and interviews. 2021
Songs for a Summer Stroll Playlist cover for A24’s “Songs for a Summer Stroll”, promoting the film MEN. With RegretsOnly. 2022
Nostalgia Loop A broadsheet housing two articles about the role of nostalgia in global and American politics. Influenced by the comfort of vintage food graphics, this newspaper considers how complacency can be dangerous. 2021
Washington University Political Review Assorted illustrations for WUPR. 2020–22
A Window For Two A program exploring the poetics of screenshots; watch digital sunsets with your computer. 2020
On Work A set of four coffee sleeves that link to a prototype of a selfie filter. Pondering the nature of work and coffee culture. (Prototype contains flashing images.) 2021
memory garden A digital zen garden: collecting worldwide memories submitted anonymously on the little memory app, this prototype explores ASCII art and the metaphor of memories as blossoming flowers. 2020
Computer Grass is Natural Grass A poster/website about the materiality of interfaces and the metaphors that shape them. One side of the poster references interface elements characteristic of macOS and neumorphism, whereas the other is heavily influenced by the Talmud and other scholarly texts that use a bracketed composition for discussion. 2021–
Some texts on the iPhone An art book containing various writings about and imagery of the iPhone to explore the device’s role in contemporary American society as status symbol, erotic object, spectacle of lightness, and luxury destroyed. 2022
Meme Engine Sampler Abstracting meme formats via a custom-made Drawbot program. A collaboration with Nathan Springman. 2021
Feelings at the Edge: A Chumbox Tour An essay about sketchy internet chumbox ads. For Coven Berlin. 2022
The Mockup Aesthetic: Gestures of Transgression An interactive essay about the politics of wheatpaste mockups. For FLAT. 2022