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the front and back cover of a magazine, featuring 3D graphics rendered in saturated tones of red, yellow, orange, and olive. on the right side page (the front) is the issue's theme, 'WUPR 36.1: ROT & REBIRTH'. three people rendered in black outlines with brightly colored hair, skin, and clothes. in the background are stock photos of explosions. the text 'BIDEN'S EMPTY PROMISE TO RESTORE NORMALCY' in white, against a background divided in four quadrants of red, blue, purple, and green. around the text are various photos of dads at the grill. pencil illustration of a person with green hair, surrounded by abstract eyes. illustration of a person's hand holding a phone, in which is reflected a part of their face. above the phone are some abstract eyes, rendered in pink-red. collage of several photos of a palace and a character from the US installation of The Office. some text reads, 'WELCOME TO THE FRAGILITY ISSUE THIS IS A SAFE SPACE FOR ALL'. several screenshots in preview mode, layered atop a green background. each screenshot includes an abstract composition in red, blue, and white. a 3d modelled person sitting cross legged, with hands held up to signal 'OK'. two wine-red/deep purple spherical forms float about in the foreground. a grainy collage of a 3D modelling/VR interface, a vaporwave sun, and chairs.

Washington University Political Review (WUPR) is a student-run political publication at WashU covering domestic and international news, with each issue revolving around a central theme. As a design lead at WUPR, I largely focused on creating illustrations to accompany articles, as well as the occasional cover.