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six brown coffee sleeves, each with an illustration and text in green, centered on the front. a scan of a tall white paper cup with a coffee sleeve that contains a quote from 'The Abolition of Work': 'I'd like life to be a game — but a game with high stakes. I want to play for keeps.' with the text 'Discover your #joesona today' below. To the right of this scan, a screenshot of an iPhone scanning a QR code on a coffee sleeve. a browser screenshot of a website where the person's head is covered with the image of a teary-eyed large yellow teacup and the text 'AM I JUST A JOB?' on the forehead. In the corner of the website are green shapes overlaid with black text that read, 'Discover your #joesona today' 'Tap/click anywhere to save.' In the lower right corner is a person's hand holding a coffee.

On Work is a set of four coffee sleeves that wonder about the nature of work. Inspired by Corporate Memphis, tech/onboarding screen illustrations, and the video game Going Under, these coffee sleeves ponder the reality of the industrialization of time and the way work consumes a person’s identity.

Each sleeve features a question that relates to a quote excerpted from Bob Black’s “The Abolition of Work” and a QR code linking to a low-fidelity prototype of a selfie filter, drawing on workplace coffee culture. (Prototype contains flashing images.)